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    Ranking Procedure (Read)


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    Ranking Procedure (Read)

    Post  Admin on Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:03 am

    Hi everyone! This is another exciting feature of the site for us to be able to know active members of the site in consideration of the Moderators selection.

    The site/portal has a ranking system which I personally programmed. It will determine your activity on the site through your postings. The simple idea is the more active you are in posting, interacting, and replying in a certain post you will be able to increase your rank and authority on the site.

    And here are the sites rankings:

    ADMIN - Considered as special rank.
    MODERATORS – Considered as special rank. Will be responsible on the site in the absence of the ADMIN.

    REGISTERED MEMBER ( 1 Star ) Minimum Post 0
    SITE ACTIVES – ( 2Stars) Minimum Post 30
    SITE ELITES – (3 Stars) Minimum Post 50
    SITE LOYALISTA’s – (4 Stars) Minimum Post 75
    HALL OF FAMER – (5 Stars) Minimum Post 100

    Stars can be seen on your profile below your profile picture.

    Thank you!

    -Lubang Online Team


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