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    Shout Box Rules!


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    Shout Box Rules!

    Post  Admin on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:00 pm

    1 - Filipino and English are the only language allowed.
    2 - Be "polite" at all time
    3 - No Ads, Direct Links, Referrals and Site Invitations.
    4 - No Flooding. Maximum of TWO consecutive identical shouts depending on the importance of the message being delivered.
    5 - Newbies tend to go straight to our Shoutbox upon registration, give priority to them for enlightenment.
    6 - All capital letters are prohibited, unless you really wanted to be noticed. *
    7 - Posting of obscene pictures is a big "NO".
    8 - In some cases, we allow pictures of members to be posted in our Shoutbox provided that it is their own. ***
    9 - Asking of passwords and Requests will not be entertained in our Shoutbox. We have a Request Thread for all your needs.
    10 - Saying Badwords, Flaming, Cursing and Boasting is not the purpose of our Shoutbox.
    11 - No Giving of Passwords in our Shoutbox! Lubang Online Staff are always monitoring all conversations logs within 24 hours. So be careful!

    Enjoy! Dont forget to promote the site! Thank you!

    -Lubang Online Admin

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